Share data and convey insights without replicas

Using the ShareData platform, entities can directly make data assets from any data stores on their premise available to external parties for querying.

  • Access Management

    Control access to data using roles and policies

  • Audits

    Track and monitor access to data to make sure that your data is not misused.

Know More

Construct datamarts for sharing using just SQL

  • Select data to Share
  • Create automated workflows to transform data
  • Select recipient(s) within or outside of an organization or institution
  • Create dashboards or datasets to share via SQL or APIs

Pick data from a variety of sources to share

RDBMS databases to object storage, select data where ever the data is located.


Transform your data to the structure you deem fit for sharing

Combine data from different tables, mask or block PII data and share specific datasets.


Create reports or datamarts to share

Create custom reports for specific organisations, expose transformed data via SQL or let them train their models on your transformed data



  • Dynamic data masking
  • Join data across databases
  • Join data across instances
  • Scheduled jobs


  • SQL interface
  • Inbuilt visualization platform
  • Share dashbords
  • Cross entity sharing


  • Targeted sharing
  • Multi-factor authorization
  • User audits
  • Single signon support